The Big Agenda

This is a site to let you know where you can sip, eat, groove and meet with people.

La Grande is an awesome community and our hope is to provide an affordable way for the community to connect. This site is a place for locals to easily find out what is going on in La Grande (or The Big), Oregon.

About Us

Don and Nadine, a couple like none other. In 2017 we visited and fell in love with The Big. The ability to access outdoors activities and the people are what sold us on making this the place we hang our hat.

The Big Story

During the impossible task of looking for housing with 3 dogs in La Grande, a friend of a friends dad joined us for a beer at Side A. While we flooded them with questions on life in La Grande, he informed us that “The Big” was the place to be. ‘It stuck’ is all we can say as we started to get to know this amazing place. Quickly, we learned that this little town had a lot of big things to offer. After several nights out we quickly realized there wasn’t an easy way to find out everything that was going on around town. Unless you wanted visit way too many facebook pages, websites, and text messages in hopes to make a plan (but who has time for that), you would have to take a walk and see if something was going on. We found that the only way to know what to do tomorrow was to go out tonight, but not everyone can do that (including us). So the wheels started turning to create The Big 2Nite.